adjective \ˈkərt\

: said or done in a quick and impolite way

Full Definition of CURT

a :  sparing of words :  terse <wrote curt precise sentences>
b :  marked by rude or peremptory shortness :  brusque <a curt refusal>
:  shortened in linear dimension
curt·ly adverb
curt·ness noun

Origin of CURT

Latin curtus mutilated, curtailed — more at shear
First Known Use: 1630

Synonym Discussion of CURT

bluff, blunt, brusque, curt, crusty, gruff mean abrupt and unceremonious in speech and manner. bluff connotes good-natured outspokenness and unconventionality <a bluff manner>. blunt suggests directness of expression in disregard of others' feelings <a blunt appraisal>. brusque applies to a sharpness or ungraciousness <a brusque response>. curt implies disconcerting shortness or rude conciseness <a curt command>. crusty suggests a harsh or surly manner sometimes concealing an inner kindliness <a crusty exterior>. gruff suggests a hoarse or husky speech which may imply bad temper but more often implies embarrassment or shyness <puts on a gruff pose>.
CURT Defined for Kids


adjective \ˈkərt\

Definition of CURT for Kids

:  rudely brief in language <a curt answer>
curt·ly adverb


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