adjective \ə-ˈbrəpt\

: very sudden and not expected

: talking to other people in a very brief and unfriendly way

: rudely brief

Full Definition of ABRUPT

a :  characterized by or involving action or change without preparation or warning :  unexpected <came to an abrupt stop> <an abrupt turn> <an abrupt decision to retire>
b :  unceremoniously curt <an abrupt manner>
c :  lacking smoothness or continuity <an abrupt transition>
:  giving the impression of being cut or broken off; especially :  involving a sudden steep rise or drop <abrupt hills> <a high abrupt bank bounded the stream>
abrupt·ly \ə-ˈbrəp(t)-lē\ adverb
abrupt·ness \ə-ˈbrəp(t)-nəs\ noun

Origin of ABRUPT

Latin abruptus, from past participle of abrumpere to break off, from ab- + rumpere to break — more at reave
First Known Use: 1530

Synonym Discussion of ABRUPT

precipitate, headlong, abrupt, impetuous, sudden mean showing undue haste or unexpectedness. precipitate stresses lack of due deliberation and implies prematureness of action <the army's precipitate withdrawal>. headlong stresses rashness and lack of forethought <a headlong flight from arrest>. abrupt stresses curtness and a lack of warning or ceremony <an abrupt refusal>. impetuous stresses extreme impatience or impulsiveness <an impetuous lover proposing marriage>. sudden stresses unexpectedness and sharpness or violence of action <flew into a sudden rage>.

steep, abrupt, precipitous, sheer mean having an incline approaching the perpendicular. steep implies such sharpness of pitch that ascent or descent is very difficult <a steep hill> <a steep dive>. abrupt implies a sharper pitch and a sudden break in the level <a beach with an abrupt drop-off>. precipitous applies to an incline approaching the vertical <the river winds through a precipitous gorge>. sheer suggests an unbroken perpendicular expanse <sheer cliffs that daunted the climbers>.

Rhymes with ABRUPT

ABRUPT Defined for Kids


adjective \ə-ˈbrəpt\

Definition of ABRUPT for Kids

:  happening without warning :  sudden <The meeting came to an abrupt end.>
:  1steep 1 <an abrupt drop>
:  rudely brief <an abrupt reply>
abrupt·ly adverb
abrupt·ness noun


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