adjective un·couth \ən-ˈküth\

: behaving in a rude way : not polite or socially acceptable

Full Definition of UNCOUTH

a archaic :  not known or not familiar to one :  seldom experienced :  uncommon, rare
b obsolete :  mysterious, uncanny
a :  strange or clumsy in shape or appearance :  outlandish
b :  lacking in polish and grace :  rugged <uncouth verse>
c :  awkward and uncultivated in appearance, manner, or behavior :  rude
un·couth·ly adverb
un·couth·ness noun

Origin of UNCOUTH

Middle English, from Old English uncūth, from un- + cūth familiar, known; akin to Old High German kund known, Old English can know — more at can
First Known Use: before 12th century
UNCOUTH Defined for Kids


adjective un·couth \ˌən-ˈküth\

Definition of UNCOUTH for Kids

:  impolite in conduct or speech :  crude <uncouth manners> <uncouth people>

Word History of UNCOUTH

The word uncouth first meant unknown or strange. It goes back to Old English uncūth, made up of un-, not, and cūth, known, which is related to modern English can and know.


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