adjective \ˈkras\

: having or showing no understanding of what is proper or acceptable : rude and insensitive

Full Definition of CRASS

a :  gross 6a; especially :  having or indicating such grossness of mind as precludes delicacy and discrimination
b :  being beneath one's dignity <crass concerns of daily life>
c —used as a pejorative intensifier <crass flattery> <crass propaganda>
:  guided by or indicative of base or materialistic values <crass commercialism> <crass measures of success>
crass·ly adverb
crass·ness noun

Examples of CRASS

  1. Minor criticism though it was compared to the rest, the most galling calumny of all as far as Gaius Marius was concerned was the perpetual inference that he was unacceptably crass because he had no Greek. —Colleen McCullough, The First Man in Rome, (1990) 1991

Origin of CRASS

Latin crassus thick, gross
First Known Use: circa 1625

Synonym Discussion of CRASS

stupid, dull, dense, crass, dumb mean lacking in power to absorb ideas or impressions. stupid implies a slow-witted or dazed state of mind that may be either congenital or temporary <stupid students just keeping the seats warm> <stupid with drink>. dull suggests a slow or sluggish mind such as results from disease, depression, or shock <monotonous work that leaves the mind dull>. dense implies a thickheaded imperviousness to ideas <too dense to take a hint>. crass suggests a grossness of mind precluding discrimination or delicacy <a crass, materialistic people>. dumb applies to an exasperating obtuseness or lack of comprehension <too dumb to figure out what's going on>.


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