adjective suc·cinct \(ˌ)sək-ˈsiŋ(k)t, sə-ˈsiŋ(k)t\

: using few words to state or express an idea

Full Definition of SUCCINCT

a :  being girded
b :  close-fitting
:  marked by compact precise expression without wasted words <a succinct description>
suc·cinct·ly \-ˈsiŋ(k)t-lē, -ˈsiŋ-klē\ adverb
suc·cinct·ness \-ˈsiŋt-nəs, -ˈsiŋk-nəs\ noun

Examples of SUCCINCT

  1. Other experts are in the business of selling their research. Alan Greenspan made his reputation and career as a partner of Townsend-Greenspan, whose clients were a who's who of old Wall Street. Successful research firms can command substantial fees, and buyers demand clear, succinct and unequivocal analysis and predictions. —Zachary Karabell, Newsweek, 9 Mar. 2009

Origin of SUCCINCT

Middle English, from Latin succinctus having one's clothes gathered up by a belt, tightly wrapped, concise, from sub- + cinctus, past participle of cingere to gird — more at cincture
First Known Use: 15th century

Synonym Discussion of SUCCINCT

concise, terse, succinct, laconic, summary, pithy, compendious mean very brief in statement or expression. concise suggests the removal of all that is superfluous or elaborative <a concise description>. terse implies pointed conciseness <a terse reply>. succinct implies the greatest possible compression <a succinct letter of resignation>. laconic implies brevity to the point of seeming rude, indifferent, or mysterious <an aloof and laconic stranger>. summary suggests the statement of main points with no elaboration or explanation <a summary listing of the year's main events>. pithy adds to succinct or terse the implication of richness of meaning or substance <a comedy sharpened by pithy one-liners>. compendious applies to what is at once full in scope and brief and concise in treatment <a compendious dictionary>.

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