adjective un·can·ny \ˌən-ˈka-nē\

: strange or unusual in a way that is surprising or difficult to understand

Full Definition of UNCANNY

a :  seeming to have a supernatural character or origin :  eerie, mysterious
b :  being beyond what is normal or expected :  suggesting superhuman or supernatural powers <an uncanny sense of direction>
chiefly Scottish :  severe, punishing
un·can·ni·ly \-ˈka-nə-lē\ adverb
un·can·ni·ness \-ˈka-nē-nəs\ noun

Examples of UNCANNY

  1. I was struck by his uncanny ability to communicate arcane, complex economic policy and by his punk-rock instinct to question the status quo. —Bono, Time, 18 Apr. 2005

First Known Use of UNCANNY


Synonym Discussion of UNCANNY

weird, eerie, uncanny mean mysteriously strange or fantastic. weird may imply an unearthly or supernatural strangeness or it may stress queerness or oddness <weird creatures from another world>. eerie suggests an uneasy or fearful consciousness that mysterious and malign powers are at work <an eerie calm preceded the bombing raid>. uncanny implies disquieting strangeness or mysteriousness <an uncanny resemblance between total strangers>.

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UNCANNY Defined for Kids


adjective un·can·ny \ˌən-ˈka-nē\

Definition of UNCANNY for Kids

:  strange or unusual in a way that is surprising or mysterious <an uncanny resemblance>
:  suggesting powers or abilities greater than normal <an uncanny sense of direction>
un·can·ni·ly \-ˈka-nə-lē\ adverb <They look uncannily similar.>


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