verb be·wil·der \bi-ˈwil-dər, bē-\

: to confuse (someone) very much


Full Definition of BEWILDER

transitive verb
:  to cause to lose one's bearings
:  to perplex or confuse especially by a complexity, variety, or multitude of objects or considerations
be·wil·dered·ly adverb
be·wil·dered·ness noun
be·wil·der·ing·ly \-d(ə-)riŋ-lē\ adverb

First Known Use of BEWILDER


Synonym Discussion of BEWILDER

puzzle, perplex, bewilder, distract, nonplus, confound, dumbfound mean to baffle and disturb mentally. puzzle implies existence of a problem difficult to solve <the persistent fever puzzled the doctor>. perplex adds a suggestion of worry and uncertainty especially about making a necessary decision <a behavior that perplexed her friends>. bewilder stresses a confusion of mind that hampers clear and decisive thinking <a bewildering number of possibilities>. distract implies agitation or uncertainty induced by conflicting preoccupations or interests <distracted by personal problems>. nonplus implies a bafflement that makes orderly planning or deciding impossible <the remark left us utterly nonplussed>. confound implies temporary mental paralysis caused by astonishment or profound abasement <the tragic news confounded us all>. dumbfound suggests intense but momentary confounding; often the idea of astonishment is so stressed that it becomes a near synonym of astound <was at first too dumbfounded to reply>.

Rhymes with BEWILDER

BEWILDERING Defined for Kids


verb be·wil·der \bi-ˈwil-dər\

Definition of BEWILDER for Kids

:  confuse 1 <I was bewildered by the complicated instructions.>
be·wil·der·ment \-mənt\ noun


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