noun \ˈswēt, 2d is also ˈsüt\

: a group of rooms that is used for one purpose

: a group of rooms in a hotel that is used by one person, couple, family, etc.

: a piece of music that is made up of many short pieces that are taken from a larger work (such as a ballet)

Full Definition of SUITE

:  retinue; especially :  the personal staff accompanying a ruler, diplomat, or dignitary on official business
:  a group of things forming a unit or constituting a collection :  set: as
a :  a group of rooms occupied as a unit
b (1) :  a 17th and 18th century instrumental musical form consisting of a series of dances in the same or related keys
(2) :  a modern instrumental composition in several movements of different character (3) :  a long orchestral concert arrangement in suite form of material drawn from a longer work (as a ballet)
c :  a collection of minerals or rocks having some characteristic in common (as type or origin)
d :  a set of matched furniture
e :  a set of computer programs designed to work together and usually sold as a single unit

Origin of SUITE

French, from Old French siute, suite — more at suit
First Known Use: 1673

Other Furniture and Woodworking Terms

appoint, credenza, mission, settee
SUITE Defined for Kids


noun \ˈswēt, ˈsüt\

Definition of SUITE for Kids

:  a number of connected rooms (as in a hotel)
:  a set of matched furniture for a room
Medical Dictionary


noun \ˈswēt\

Medical Definition of SUITE

:  a group of rooms in a medical facility dedicated to a specified function or specialty <a surgical suite>


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