verb ap·point \ə-ˈpint\

: to choose (someone) to have a particular job : to give (someone) a position or duty

: to decide or establish (something) in an official way

: to decide (the time or place at which something will happen or be done)

Full Definition of APPOINT

transitive verb
a :  to fix or set officially <appoint a trial date>
b :  to name officially <will appoint her director of the program>
c archaic :  arrange
d :  to determine the disposition of (an estate) to someone by virtue of a power of appointment
:  to provide with complete and usually appropriate or elegant furnishings or equipment <a beautifully appointed room>
intransitive verb
:  to exercise a power of appointment

Origin of APPOINT

Middle English, from Anglo-French appointer, from a- (from Latin ad-) + point point
First Known Use: 14th century

Synonym Discussion of APPOINT

furnish, equip, outfit, appoint, accoutre mean to supply one with what is needed. furnish implies the provision of any or all essentials for performing a function <a sparsely furnished apartment>. equip suggests the provision of something making for efficiency in action or use <a fully equipped kitchen>. outfit implies provision of a complete list or set of articles as for a journey, an expedition, or a special occupation <outfitted the family for a ski trip>. appoint implies provision of complete and usually elegant or elaborate equipment or furnishings <a lavishly appointed apartment>. accoutre suggests the supplying of personal dress or equipment for a special activity <fully accoutred members of a polar expedition>.

Other Furniture and Woodworking Terms

credenza, mission, settee
APPOINT Defined for Kids


verb ap·point \ə-ˈpint\

Definition of APPOINT for Kids

:  to choose for some duty, job, or office <The school board appointed three new teachers.>
:  to decide on usually from a position of authority <The teacher appointed a time for our meeting.>


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