verb over·throw \ˌō-vər-ˈthrō\

: to remove (someone or something) from power especially by force

sports : to throw a ball over or past (someone)


Full Definition of OVERTHROW

transitive verb
:  to cause the downfall of :  bring down, defeat
:  to throw a ball over or past (as a base or a receiver)
over·throw \ˈō-vər-ˌthrō\ noun

First Known Use of OVERTHROW

14th century

Other Field and Goal Sports Terms

crease, lateral, lax, playbook, post, screen, scrum, secondary, ultimate

Rhymes with OVERTHROW

acid snow, afterglow, aikido, alpenglow, apropos, art deco, art nouveau, audio, Baguio, Bamako, barrio, bay window, Bergamo, bibelot, Bilbao, black widow, blow-by-blow, body blow, bone marrow, bordereau, Borneo, bow window, buffalo, Buffalo, bungalow, Bushido, buteo, calico, cameo, cachalot, cembalo, centimo, CEO, chassepot, cheerio, Clemenceau, cogito, comedo, comme il faut, counterflow, Cupid's bow, curaçao, Curaçao, curassow, curio, daimyo, danio, Delano, Diderot, do-si-do, domino, dynamo, embryo, entrepôt, Erato, escargot, Eskimo, extrados, fabliau, folio, French window, fricandeau, furbelow, gigolo, golden glow, go-no-go, grass widow, guacharo, hammer throw, hammertoe, haricot, heel-and-toe, hetero, high and low, HMO, Holy Joe, horror show, Idaho, in a row, indigo, in escrow, in the know, Jericho, kakapo, latigo, little toe, long-ago, Longfellow, Maceió, Maginot, Manchukuo, medico, Mexico, mistletoe, modulo, Monaco, Navajo, NCO, nuncio, oleo, olio, on tiptoe, Oreo, overflow, overgrow, ovolo, Pamlico, Papago, paseo, picaro, piccolo, Pierrot, polio, pomelo, pompano, portico, PPO, Prospero, proximo, quid pro quo, radio, raree-show, ratio, Richard Roe, Rochambeau, rococo, rodeo, Romeo, rose window, round window, saddlebow, Sapporo, sapsago, Scapa Flow, Scipio, Scorpio, semipro, show window, sloppy joe, so-and-so, SRO, standing O, status quo, stereo, stop-and-go, studio, subito, tallyho, tangelo, Taranto, tic-tac-toe, TKO, to-and-fro, Tokyo, tombolo, touch-and-go, tournedos, tremolo, tuckahoe, tupelo, UFO, ultimo, undergo, undertow, Veneto, vertigo, vibrio, video, virago, vireo, Zhangjiakou, zydeco
OVERTHROW Defined for Kids


verb over·throw \ˌō-vər-ˈthrō\
over·threw \-ˈthrü\over·thrown \-ˈthrōn\over·throw·ing

Definition of OVERTHROW for Kids

:  overturn 1 <Wind overthrew the flower pots.>
:  to cause the fall or end of :  destroy <Rebels overthrew the government.>


noun over·throw \ˈō-vər-ˌthrō\

Definition of OVERTHROW for Kids

:  an act of causing the fall or end of :  the state of being overthrown :  defeat


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