adjective sa·vory \ˈsā-və-rē, ˈsāv-rē\

: having a pleasant taste or smell

: having a spicy or salty quality without being sweet

: morally good

Full Definition of SAVORY

:  having savor: as
a :  piquantly pleasant to the mind <a savory triumph>
b :  morally exemplary :  edifying
c :  pleasing to the sense of taste especially by reason of effective seasoning
d :  pungently flavorful without sweetness
sa·vor·i·ly \-rə-lē\ adverb
sa·vor·i·ness \-rē-nəs\ noun

Variants of SAVORY

sa·vory also sa·voury \ˈsā-və-rē, ˈsāv-rē\

First Known Use of SAVORY

13th century

Synonym Discussion of SAVORY

palatable, appetizing, savory, tasty, toothsome mean agreeable or pleasant especially to the sense of taste. palatable often applies to something that is found to be merely agreeable <butterflies that birds find palatable>. appetizing suggests a whetting of the appetite and applies to aroma and appearance as well as taste <appetizing hors d'oeuvres>. savory applies to both taste and aroma and suggests piquancy and often spiciness <dumplings with savory fillings>. tasty implies a pronounced taste <a tart and tasty pie>. toothsome stresses the notion of agreeableness and sometimes implies tenderness or daintiness <an enticing array of toothsome desserts>.

Rhymes with SAVORY


plural sa·vor·ies also sa·vour·ies

Definition of SAVORY

:  a dish of stimulating flavor served usually at the end of dinner but sometimes as an appetizer

Variants of SAVORY

savory also savoury

First Known Use of SAVORY


Other Food Terms

Reuben, calamari, chuck, curry, edamame, foie gras, hummus, leaven, nonpareil, peel


noun sa·vo·ry \ˈsā-və-rē, ˈsāv-rē\
plural sa·vo·ries

Definition of SAVORY

:  either of two aromatic mints:
a :  summer savory
b :  winter savory

Origin of SAVORY

Middle English saverey
First Known Use: 14th century

Other Seed Plant Terms

aubergine, box, bramble, briar, composite, perpetual, pulse, trefoil
SAVORY Defined for Kids


adjective sa·vo·ry \ˈsā-və-rē\

Definition of SAVORY for Kids

:  pleasing to the taste or smell <savory sausages>


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