adjective red·o·lent \-lənt\

: having a strong smell : full of a fragrance or odor

: causing thoughts or memories of something

Full Definition of REDOLENT

:  exuding fragrance :  aromatic
a :  full of a specified fragrance :  scented <air redolent of seaweed>
b :  evocative, suggestive <a city redolent of antiquity>
red·o·lent·ly adverb

Origin of REDOLENT

Middle English, from Middle French, from Latin redolent-, redolens, present participle of redolēre to emit a scent, from re-, red- + olēre to smell — more at odor
First Known Use: 15th century

Synonym Discussion of REDOLENT

odorous, fragrant, redolent, aromatic mean emitting and diffusing scent. odorous applies to whatever has a strong distinctive smell whether pleasant or unpleasant <odorous cheeses should be tightly wrapped>. fragrant applies to things (as flowers or spices) with sweet or agreeable odors <a fragrant rose>. redolent applies usually to a place or thing impregnated with odors <the kitchen was redolent of garlic and tomatoes>. aromatic applies to things emitting pungent often fresh odors <an aromatic blend of tobaccos>.


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