verb pam·per \ˈpam-pər\

: to treat (someone or something) very well : to give (someone or something) a lot of attention and care

pam·peredpam·per·ing \-p(ə-)riŋ\

Full Definition of PAMPER

transitive verb
archaic :  to cram with rich food :  glut
a :  to treat with extreme or excessive care and attention <pampered their guests>
b :  gratify, humor <enabled him to pamper his wanderlust — New Yorker>
pam·per·er \-pər-ər\ noun

Origin of PAMPER

Middle English, probably of Dutch origin; akin to Dutch dialect pamperen to pamper
First Known Use: 14th century

Synonym Discussion of PAMPER

indulge, pamper, humor, spoil, baby, mollycoddle mean to show undue favor to a person's desires and feelings. indulge implies excessive compliance and weakness in gratifying another's or one's own desires <indulged myself with food at the slightest excuse>. pamper implies inordinate gratification of desire for luxury and comfort with consequent enervating effect <pampered by the amenities of modern living>. humor stresses a yielding to a person's moods or whims <humored him by letting him tell the story>. spoil stresses the injurious effects on character by indulging or pampering <foolish parents spoil their children>. baby suggests excessive care, attention, or solicitude <babying students by grading too easily>. mollycoddle suggests an excessive degree of care and attention to another's health or welfare <refused to mollycoddle her malingering son>.
PAMPER Defined for Kids


verb pam·per \ˈpam-pər\

Definition of PAMPER for Kids

:  to treat (someone or something) with great care and attention


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