adjective op·u·lent \-lənt\

: very comfortable and expensive

: very wealthy

Full Definition of OPULENT

:  exhibiting or characterized by opulence: as
a :  having a large estate or property :  wealthy <hoping to marry an opulent widow>
b :  amply or plentifully provided or fashioned often to the point of ostentation <living in opulent comfort>
op·u·lent·ly adverb

Origin of OPULENT

Latin opulentus, from ops power, help; akin to Latin opus work
First Known Use: 1523

Synonym Discussion of OPULENT

rich, wealthy, affluent, opulent mean having goods, property, and money in abundance. rich implies having more than enough to gratify normal needs or desires <became rich through shrewd investing>. wealthy stresses the possession of property and intrinsically valuable things <wealthy landowners>. affluent suggests prosperity and an increasing wealth <an affluent society>. opulent suggests lavish expenditure and display of great wealth, more often applying to things than people <an opulent mansion>.
OPULENT Defined for Kids


adjective op·u·lent \ˈä-pyə-lənt\

Definition of OPULENT for Kids

:  having or showing much wealth <opulent homes>


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