verb ex·pose \ik-ˈspōz\

: to leave (something) without covering or protection

: to cause (someone) to experience something or to be influenced or affected by something

: to reveal (something hidden, dishonest, etc.)


Full Definition of EXPOSE

transitive verb
a :  to deprive of shelter, protection, or care :  subject to risk from a harmful action or condition <expose troops needlessly> <has not yet been exposed to measles>
b :  to submit or make accessible to a particular action or influence <expose children to good books>; especially :  to subject (a sensitive photographic film, plate, or paper) to radiant energy
c :  to abandon (an infant) especially by leaving in the open
a :  to make known :  bring to light (as something shameful)
b :  to disclose the faults or crimes of <expose a murderer>
:  to cause to be visible or open to view :  display: as
a :  to offer publicly for sale
b :  to exhibit for public veneration
c :  to reveal the face of (a playing card) or the cards of (a player's hand)
d :  to engage in indecent exposure of (oneself)
ex·pos·er noun

Origin of EXPOSE

Middle English, from Anglo-French exposer, from Latin exponere to set forth, explain (perfect indicative exposui), from ex- + ponere to put, place — more at position
First Known Use: 15th century

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Synonym Discussion of EXPOSE

show, exhibit, display, expose, parade, flaunt mean to present so as to invite notice or attention. show implies no more than enabling another to see or examine <showed her snapshots to the whole group>. exhibit stresses putting forward prominently or openly <exhibit paintings at a gallery>. display emphasizes putting in a position where others may see to advantage <display sale items>. expose suggests bringing forth from concealment and displaying <sought to expose the hypocrisy of the town fathers>. parade implies an ostentatious or arrogant displaying <parading their piety for all to see>. flaunt suggests a shameless, boastful, often offensive parading <nouveaux riches flaunting their wealth>.

show, manifest, evidence, evince, demonstrate mean to reveal outwardly or make apparent. show is the general term but sometimes implies that what is revealed must be gained by inference from acts, looks, or words <careful not to show his true feelings>. manifest implies a plainer, more immediate revelation <manifested musical ability at an early age>. evidence suggests serving as proof of the actuality or existence of something <a commitment evidenced by years of loyal service>. evince implies a showing by outward marks or signs <evinced not the slightest fear>. demonstrate implies showing by action or by display of feeling <demonstrated their approval by loud applause>.

Other Pictures (on film) Terms

daguerreotype, emulsion, fill, sepia, still, stop


noun ex·po· \ˌek-spō-ˈzā, -spə-\

: a news report or broadcast that reveals something illegal or dishonest to the public

Full Definition of EXPOSÉ

:  a formal statement of facts
:  an exposure of something discreditable <a newspaper exposé of government corruption>

Variants of EXPOSÉ

ex·po· also ex·po·se \ˌek-spō-ˈzā, -spə-\

Origin of EXPOSÉ

French exposé, from past participle of exposer
First Known Use: 1803

Rhymes with EXPOSÉ

Adige, A-OK, alleyway, All Fools' Day, All Saints' Day, All Souls' Day, all the way, anyway, appliqué, Arbor Day, arrivé, atelier, attaché, back away, ballonet, bang away, Bastille Day, Beaujolais, beta ray, beurre manié, BHA, blow away, botonée, Boxing Day, breakaway, break away, Bristol Bay, bustier, by the way, cabaret, cableway, Camagüey, canapé, cap-a-pie, Cape Cod Bay, caraway, carriageway, cassoulet, castaway, cathode ray, champlevé, chansonnier, chardonnay, Charolais, chevalier, china clay, cloisonné, cog railway, colorway, Condorcet, consommé, coryphée, cosmic ray, croupier, crudités, cutaway, day-to-day, debauchee, déclassé, dégagé, degree-day, delta ray, démodé, devotee, disarray, disobey, distingué, divorcé, divorcée, DNA, dollar day, double play, draw away, dress-down day, eagle ray, eightfold way, émigré, engagé, entranceway, entremets, entryway, espalier, everyday, expressway, fadeaway, fallaway, fall away, faraday, Faraday, faraway, fiancé, fiancée, fill away, fire away, flageolet, flyaway, foldaway, gal Friday, gamma ray, garde-manger, Georgian Bay, getaway, girl Friday, giveaway, give away, gratiné, gratinée, Greenaway, Groundhog Day, guillemet, Harare, hell to pay, Hemingway, hereaway, hideaway, hit the hay, HLA, holiday, holy day, Hornaday, Hudson Bay, Hugh Capet, Humboldt Bay, in a way, inter se, interplay, intraday, IPA, IRA, Ise Bay, judgment day, keep-away, kyrie, Labor Day, lackaday, latter-day, layaway, lay away, lingerie, macramé, Mandalay, manta ray, Massenet, matinee, medal play, meet halfway, MIA, Milky Way, Monterrey, Mother's Day, motorway, muscadet, mystery play, negligee, New Year's Day, New York Bay, Nicolet, night and day, Nottaway, off Broadway, Ojibwa, on the way, out of play, overlay, overplay, overstay, overweigh, Paraguay, passageway, pass away, passion play, pepper spray, Petare, photoplay, pikake, pis aller, play-by-play, plug-and-play, popinjay, potter's clay, pourparler, pousse-café, power play, present-day, protégé, protégée, pull away, put away, Put-in-Bay, Rabelais, rack railway, rainy-day, rambouillet, ratiné, recamier, recherché, reconvey, repartee, repoussé, résumé, retroussé, ricochet, right away, right-of-way, rockaway, roentgen ray, rondelet, roundelay, RNA, runaway, run away, Saguenay, salt away, San Jose, Santa Fe, São Tomé, Saturday, satyr play, semplice, Seventh-Day, severance pay, shadow play, sleepaway, sobriquet, sock away, sommelier, square away, steerageway, standaway, stowaway, straightaway, street railway, Table Bay, taboret, tarsier, taxiway, tearaway, tear away, teleplay, Tenebrae, thataway, throwaway, throw away, Thunder Bay, triple play, turn away, Udine, underlay, underpay, underplay, underway, Uruguay, velouté, Venite, vérité, vertebra, virelay, walkaway, Wang Ching-wei, waterway, wellaway, Whitsunday, workaday, working day, Yenisey, Zuider Zee
EXPOSE Defined for Kids


verb ex·pose \ik-ˈspōz\

Definition of EXPOSE for Kids

:  to leave without protection, shelter, or care :  subject to a harmful condition <The plants were exposed to an early frost.>
:  to cause to be affected or influenced by something <She exposed her students to music of different countries.>
:  to let light strike the photographic film or plate in taking a picture
:  to make known :  reveal <Reporters exposed a dishonest scheme.>

Word Root of EXPOSE

The Latin word ponere, meaning to place or to put, and its form positus give us the roots pon and pos. Words from the Latin ponere have something to do with putting. A position is the location or way in which something has been placed. To expose is to put out in the open. To postpone is to put off until a later time. Posture is the way a body has been placed.
Medical Dictionary


transitive verb ex·pose \ik-ˈspōz\

Medical Definition of EXPOSE

:  to make liable to or accessible to something (as a disease or environmental conditions) that may have a detrimental effect <children exposed to diphtheria>
:  to lay open to view: as a :  to conduct (oneself) as an exhibitionist b :  to reveal (a bodily part) especially by dissection


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