verb con·ceal \kən-ˈsēl\

: to hide (something or someone) from sight

: to keep (something) secret

Full Definition of CONCEAL

transitive verb
:  to prevent disclosure or recognition of <conceal the truth>
:  to place out of sight <concealed himself behind the door>
con·ceal·able \-ˈsē-lə-bəl\ adjective
con·ceal·ing·ly \-ˈsē-liŋ-lē\ adverb
con·ceal·ment \-ˈsēl-mənt\ noun

Origin of CONCEAL

Middle English concelen, from Anglo-French conceler, from Latin concelare, from com- + celare to hide — more at hell
First Known Use: 14th century

Synonym Discussion of CONCEAL

hide, conceal, screen, secrete, bury mean to withhold or withdraw from sight. hide may or may not suggest intent <hide in the closet> <a house hidden in the woods>. conceal usually does imply intent and often specifically implies a refusal to divulge <concealed the weapon>. screen implies an interposing of something that prevents discovery <a house screened by trees>. secrete suggests a depositing in a place unknown to others <secreted the amulet inside his shirt>. bury implies covering up so as to hide completely <buried the treasure>.
CONCEAL Defined for Kids


verb con·ceal \kən-ˈsēl\

Definition of CONCEAL for Kids

:  to hide from sight <The safe was concealed behind a large painting.>
:  to keep secret <He managed to conceal his true identity.>


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