verb de·base \di-ˈbās, dē-\

: to lower the value or reputation of (someone or something) : to make (someone or something) less respected

Full Definition of DEBASE

transitive verb
:  to lower in status, esteem, quality, or character
a :  to reduce the intrinsic value of (a coin) by increasing the base-metal content
b :  to reduce the exchange value of (a monetary unit)
de·base·ment \-ˈbās-mənt\ noun
de·bas·er \-ˈbā-sər\ noun

First Known Use of DEBASE


Synonym Discussion of DEBASE

debase, vitiate, deprave, corrupt, debauch, pervert mean to cause deterioration or lowering in quality or character. debase implies a loss of position, worth, value, or dignity <commercialism has debased the holiday>. vitiate implies a destruction of purity, validity, or effectiveness by allowing entrance of a fault or defect <a foreign policy vitiated by partisanship>. deprave implies moral deterioration by evil thoughts or influences <the claim that society is depraved by pornography>. corrupt implies loss of soundness, purity, or integrity <the belief that bureaucratese corrupts the language>. debauch implies a debasing through sensual indulgence <the long stay on a tropical isle had debauched the ship's crew>. pervert implies a twisting or distorting from what is natural or normal <perverted the original goals of the institute>.


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