adjective cur·so·ry \ˈkərs-rē, ˈkər-sə-\

: done or made quickly

Full Definition of CURSORY

:  rapidly and often superficially performed or produced :  hasty <a cursory glance>
cur·so·ri·ly \-rə-lē\ adverb
cur·so·ri·ness \-rē-nəs\ noun

Origin of CURSORY

Late Latin cursorius of running, from Latin currere
First Known Use: 1601

Synonym Discussion of CURSORY

superficial, shallow, cursory mean lacking in depth or solidity. superficial implies a concern only with surface aspects or obvious features <a superficial analysis of the problem>. shallow is more generally derogatory in implying lack of depth in knowledge, reasoning, emotions, or character <a light, shallow, and frivolous review>. cursory suggests a lack of thoroughness or a neglect of details <gave the letter only a cursory reading>.

Rhymes with CURSORY

CURSORY Defined for Kids


adjective cur·so·ry \ˈkərs-rē, ˈkər-sə-rē\

Definition of CURSORY for Kids

:  done or made quickly <a cursory reply>


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