verb con·quer \ˈkäŋ-kər\

: to take control of (a country, city, etc.) through the use of force

: to defeat (someone or something) through the use of force

: to gain control of (a problem or difficulty) through great effort

con·queredcon·quer·ing \-k(ə-)riŋ\

Full Definition of CONQUER

transitive verb
:  to gain or acquire by force of arms :  subjugate <conquer territory>
:  to overcome by force of arms :  vanquish <conquered the enemy>
:  to gain mastery over or win by overcoming obstacles or opposition <conquered the mountain>
:  to overcome by mental or moral power :  surmount <conquered her fear>
intransitive verb
:  to be victorious
con·quer·or \-kər-ər\ noun

Examples of CONQUER

  1. And my girlfriends are really strong, feminine women—yet we can all be girls together. Some days we just have to go out and shop, get a massage … . The next day we want to conquer the world and start our own company. —Sandra Bullock, quoted in Playboy, September 1995

Origin of CONQUER

Middle English, to acquire, conquer, from Anglo-French conquerre, from Vulgar Latin *conquaerere, alteration of Latin conquirere to search for, collect, from com- + quaerere to ask, search
First Known Use: 14th century

Synonym Discussion of CONQUER

conquer, vanquish, defeat, subdue, reduce, overcome, overthrow mean to get the better of by force or strategy. conquer implies gaining mastery of <Caesar conquered Gaul>. vanquish implies a complete overpowering <vanquished the enemy and ended the war>. defeat does not imply the finality or completeness of vanquish which it otherwise equals <the Confederates defeated the Union forces at Manassas>. subdue implies a defeating and suppression <subdued the native tribes after years of fighting>. reduce implies a forcing to capitulate or surrender <the city was reduced after a month-long siege>. overcome suggests getting the better of with difficulty or after hard struggle <overcame a host of bureaucratic roadblocks>. overthrow stresses the bringing down or destruction of existing power <violently overthrew the old regime>.

Rhymes with CONQUER

CONQUER Defined for Kids


verb con·quer \ˈkäŋ-kər\

Definition of CONQUER for Kids

:  to get or gain by force :  win by fighting
:  overcome 1 <She worked hard to conquer her fears.>


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