verb \ˈask, ˈäsk; dial ˈaks\

: to say or write something to someone as a way of gaining information : to request an answer to a question

: to tell someone in the form of a question that you want to be given something or that you want something to happen : to request something

: to invite (someone) to go somewhere or do something

asked \ˈas(k)t, ˈäs(k)t, ˈask; dial ˈakst\ ask·ing

Full Definition of ASK

transitive verb
a :  to call on for an answer <she asked him about his trip>
b :  to put a question about <asking her whereabouts>
c :  speak, utter <ask a question>
a :  to make a request of <she asked her teacher for help>
b :  to make a request for <she asked help from her teacher>
:  to call for :  require <a challenge that will ask much of us>
:  to set as a price <asked $3000 for the car>
:  invite
intransitive verb
:  to seek information
:  to make a request <asked for food>
:  look —often used in the phrase ask for trouble
ask·er noun

Origin of ASK

Middle English, from Old English āscian; akin to Old High German eiscōn to ask, Lithuanian ieškoti to seek, Sanskrit icchati he seeks
First Known Use: before 12th century

Synonym Discussion of ASK

ask, question, interrogate, query, inquire mean to address a person in order to gain information. ask implies no more than the putting of a question <ask for directions>. question usually suggests the asking of series of questions <questioned them about every detail of the trip>. interrogate suggests formal or official systematic questioning <the prosecutor interrogated the witness all day>. query implies a desire for authoritative information or confirmation <queried a librarian about the book>. inquire implies a searching for facts or for truth often specifically by asking questions <began to inquire of friends and teachers what career she should pursue>.ask, request, solicit mean to seek to obtain by making one's wants known. ask implies no more than the statement of the desire <ask a favor of a friend>. request implies greater formality and courtesy <requests the pleasure of your company>. solicit suggests a calling attention to one's wants or desires by public announcement or advertisement <a letter soliciting information>.

Rhymes with ASK

ASK Defined for Kids


verb \ˈask\

Definition of ASK for Kids

:  to seek information by posing a question <She asked if I was worried.> <They asked about our trip.>
:  to make a request <Did you ask for help?>
:  to set as a price <I'm asking ten dollars for my skates.>
:  invite 2 <I asked some friends to my party.>
:  to behave as if seeking a result <You're asking for trouble.>


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