verb in·vite \in-ˈvīt\

: to ask (someone) to go somewhere or do something

: to ask (someone) formally or politely to do something

: to request (something) formally or politely


Full Definition of INVITE

transitive verb
a :  to offer an incentive or inducement to :  entice
b :  to increase the likelihood of <invite trouble>
a :  to request the presence or participation of <invited us to dinner>
b :  to request formally
c :  to urge politely :  welcome <invite comments>
in·vit·er noun

Origin of INVITE

Middle French or Latin; Middle French inviter, from Latin invitare
First Known Use: 1533

Related to INVITE

ask, bid

Rhymes with INVITE

affright, air right, airtight, albite, Albright, alight, all right, all-night, a mite, aright, backbite, backlight, bauxite, bedight, birthright, black light, bleed white, bobwhite, bombsight, box kite, calcite, campsite, catfight, cockfight, contrite, cordite, Cushite, daylight, deadlight, delight, dendrite, despite, dogfight, downlight, downright, droplight, dust mite, earthlight, excite, eyebright, eyesight, fanlight, felsite, ferrite, finite, fire blight, firefight, firelight, first night, fistfight, flashlight, fleabite, floodlight, foresight, forthright, fortnight, freewrite, frostbite, Gadite, gall mite, gaslight, gastight, ghostwrite, goethite, graphite, green light, gummite, gunfight, half-light, halite, Hamite, handwrite, headlight, highlight, hindsight, Hittite, homesite, hoplite, Hussite, ignite, illite, infight, in-flight, incite, indict, indite, insight, in sight, jacklight, jadeite, key light, lamplight, late blight, leucite, Levite, lighttight, lignite, limelight, lintwhite, lowlight, Lucite, Luddite, lyddite, marmite, Melchite, Memphite, midnight, millwright, moonlight, New Right, night-light, nitrite, off-site, off-white, on sight, on-site, outright, outsight, partite, peep sight, penlight, perlite, playwright, polite, preflight, prizefight, pyrite, quartzite, ratite, recite, red light, red-light, requite, respite, rewrite, rushlight, rust mite, safelight, samite, searchlight, Semite, Servite, Shemite, Shiite, shipwright, sidelight, sit tight, skintight, skylight, skywrite, slant height, smectite, snakebite, snow-white, sound bite, spaceflight, spotlight, stage fright, starlight, sternite, sticktight, stoplight, streetlight, stylite, sulfite, sunlight, Sunnite, taillight, termite, thermite, tonight, torchlight, trothplight, Twelfth Night, twilight, twi-night, typewrite, unite, unsight, upright, uptight, wainwright, watch night, wax light, Web site, weeknight, wheelwright, white flight, white knight, x-height, zinc white


noun in·vite \ˈin-ˌvīt\

Definition of INVITE

:  invitation 1

First Known Use of INVITE

INVITE Defined for Kids


verb in·vite \in-ˈvīt\

Definition of INVITE for Kids

:  to ask (someone) to go somewhere or do something <I invited them to dinner.>
:  1welcome 2 <We invite suggestions.>
:  to tend to bring on <Such behavior invites trouble.>


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