adjective vi·va·cious \və-ˈvā-shəs also vī-\

: happy and lively in a way that is attractive

Full Definition of VIVACIOUS

:  lively in temper, conduct, or spirit :  sprightly
vi·va·cious·ly adverb
vi·va·cious·ness noun

Examples of VIVACIOUS

  1. Historically, in nations where city economies are dying and where, as well, cities are drained in service to transactions of decline, one city remains vivacious longest: the capital city. —Jane Jacobs, Cities and the Wealth of Nations, (1984) 1985


Latin vivac-, vivax long-lived, vigorous, high-spirited, from vivere to live
First Known Use: circa 1645

Synonym Discussion of VIVACIOUS

lively, animated, vivacious, sprightly, gay mean keenly alive and spirited. lively suggests briskness, alertness, or energy <a lively debate on the issues>. animated applies to what is spirited and active <an animated discussion of current events>. vivacious suggests an activeness of gesture and wit, often playful or alluring <a vivacious party host>. sprightly suggests lightness and spirited vigor of manner or wit <a tuneful, sprightly musical>. gay stresses complete freedom from care and overflowing spirits <the gay spirit of Paris in the 1920s>.
VIVACIOUS Defined for Kids


adjective vi·va·cious \və-ˈvā-shəs, vī-\

Definition of VIVACIOUS for Kids

:  full of energy and good spirits <a vivacious personality>

Word Root of VIVACIOUS

The Latin word vivere, meaning to live, gives us the root viv. Words from the Latin vivere have something to do with living. To survive is to remain alive. To revive is to bring back to life. Someone vivacious is full of life and is lively and energetic. Something, such as a story, that is vivid appears to be full of life and freshness.


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