verb up·root \(ˌ)əp-ˈrüt, -ˈrt\

: to pull (a plant and its root) completely out of the ground

: to remove (something) completely

: to make (someone) leave home and move to a different place

Full Definition of UPROOT

transitive verb
:  to remove as if by pulling up
:  to pull up by the roots
:  to displace from a country or traditional habitat
up·root·ed·ness noun
up·root·er noun

First Known Use of UPROOT

circa 1620

Synonym Discussion of UPROOT

exterminate, extirpate, eradicate, uproot mean to effect the destruction or abolition of something. exterminate implies complete and immediate extinction by killing off all individuals <exterminate cockroaches>. extirpate implies extinction of a race, family, species, or sometimes an idea or doctrine by destruction or removal of its means of propagation <many species have been extirpated from the area>. eradicate implies the driving out or elimination of something that has established itself <a campaign to eradicate illiteracy>. uproot implies a forcible or violent removal and stresses displacement or dislodgment rather than immediate destruction <the war uprooted thousands>.
UPROOT Defined for Kids


verb up·root \ˌəp-ˈrüt, -ˈrt\

Definition of UPROOT for Kids

:  to take out by or as if by pulling up by the roots <Many trees were uprooted by the storm.>
:  to take, send, or force away from a country or a traditional home <Taking the job would mean moving and uprooting the family.>


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