adjective scru·pu·lous \ˈskrü-pyə-ləs\

: very careful about doing something correctly

: careful about doing what is honest and morally right

Full Definition of SCRUPULOUS

:  having moral integrity :  acting in strict regard for what is considered right or proper
:  punctiliously exact :  painstaking <working with scrupulous care>
scru·pu·lous·ly adverb
scru·pu·lous·ness noun

Examples of SCRUPULOUS

  1. While many assume that a conservative reading of the Constitution will lead inevitably to a conservative interpretation, Amar has argued, in scholarly articles and in a previous book, The Bill of Rights, that paying scrupulous attention to the text, history and structure of the Constitution often reveals support for liberal outcomes. —James Ryerson, New York Times Book Review, 6 Nov. 2005


Middle English, from Latin scrupulosus, from scrupulus (see 2scruple)
First Known Use: 15th century

Synonym Discussion of SCRUPULOUS

upright, honest, just, conscientious, scrupulous, honorable mean having or showing a strict regard for what is morally right. upright implies a strict adherence to moral principles <a stern and upright minister>. honest stresses adherence to such virtues as truthfulness, candor, fairness <known for being honest in business dealings>. just stresses conscious choice and regular practice of what is right or equitable <workers given just compensation>. conscientious and scrupulous imply an active moral sense governing all one's actions and painstaking efforts to follow one's conscience <conscientious in the completion of her assignments> <scrupulous in carrying out the terms of the will>. honorable suggests a firm holding to codes of right behavior and the guidance of a high sense of honor and duty <a difficult but honorable decision>.

careful, meticulous, scrupulous, punctilious mean showing close attention to detail. careful implies attentiveness and cautiousness in avoiding mistakes <a careful worker>. meticulous may imply either commendable extreme carefulness or a hampering finicky caution over small points <meticulous scholarship>. scrupulous applies to what is proper or fitting or ethical <scrupulous honesty>. punctilious implies minute, even excessive attention to fine points <punctilious observance of ritual>.
SCRUPULOUS Defined for Kids


adjective scru·pu·lous \ˈskrü-pyə-ləs\

Definition of SCRUPULOUS for Kids

:  careful in doing what is right and proper
scru·pu·lous·ly adverb


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