\ˈsāt, ˈsat\

Definition of SATE

archaic past of sit


transitive verb \ˈsāt\

: to fill (someone) with food so that no more is wanted

: to end (something, such as hunger or curiosity) by providing everything that is required or wanted


Full Definition of SATE

:  to cloy with overabundance :  glut
:  to appease (as a thirst) by indulging to the full

Origin of SATE

probably by shortening & alteration from satiate
First Known Use: 1579

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Synonym Discussion of SATE

satiate, sate, surfeit, cloy, pall, glut, gorge mean to fill to repletion. satiate and sate may sometimes imply only complete satisfaction but more often suggest repletion that has destroyed interest or desire <years of globe-trotting had satiated their interest in travel> <readers were sated with sensationalistic stories>. surfeit implies a nauseating repletion <surfeited themselves with junk food>. cloy stresses the disgust or boredom resulting from such surfeiting <sentimental pictures that cloy after a while>. pall emphasizes the loss of ability to stimulate interest or appetite <a life of leisure eventually begins to pall>. glut implies excess in feeding or supplying <a market glutted with diet books>. gorge suggests glutting to the point of bursting or choking <gorged themselves with chocolate>.


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