verb pro·tract \prō-ˈtrakt, prə-\

Definition of PROTRACT

transitive verb
archaic :  delay, defer
:  to prolong in time or space :  continue
:  to extend forward or outward — compare retract 1
pro·trac·tive \-ˈtrak-tiv\ adjective

Origin of PROTRACT

Latin protractus, past participle of protrahere, literally, to draw forward, from pro- forward + trahere to draw — more at pro-
First Known Use: 1540

Synonym Discussion of PROTRACT

extend, lengthen, prolong, protract mean to draw out or add to so as to increase in length. extend and lengthen imply a drawing out in space or time but extend may also imply increase in width, scope, area, or range <extend a vacation> <extend welfare services> <lengthen a skirt> <lengthen the workweek>. prolong suggests chiefly increase in duration especially beyond usual limits <prolonged illness>. protract adds to prolong implications of needlessness, vexation, or indefiniteness <protracted litigation>.
PROTRACT Defined for Kids


verb pro·tract \prō-ˈtrakt\

Definition of PROTRACT for Kids

:  to make longer :  draw out in time or space <Disagreements protracted the negotiation.>
Medical Dictionary


transitive verb pro·tract \prō-ˈtrakt\

Medical Definition of PROTRACT

:  to extend forward or outward <the mandible is protracted and retracted in chewing>—compare retract


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