adjective mal·adroit \ˌma-lə-ˈdrit\

: very awkward : not skillful or adroit

Full Definition of MALADROIT

:  lacking adroitness :  inept
mal·adroit·ly adverb
mal·adroit·ness noun


French, from Middle French, from mal- + adroit
First Known Use: 1685

Synonym Discussion of MALADROIT

awkward, clumsy, maladroit, inept, gauche mean not marked by ease (as of performance, movement, or social conduct). awkward is widely applicable and may suggest unhandiness, inconvenience, lack of muscular control, embarrassment, or lack of tact <periods of awkward silence>. clumsy implies stiffness and heaviness and so may connote inflexibility, unwieldiness, or lack of ordinary skill <a clumsy mechanic>. maladroit suggests a tendency to create awkward situations <a maladroit politician>. inept often implies complete failure or inadequacy <a hopelessly inept defense attorney>. gauche implies the effects of shyness, inexperience, or ill breeding <felt gauche and unsophisticated at formal parties>.

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