noun frag·ment \ˈfrag-mənt\

: a broken part or piece of something

: an incomplete part

Full Definition of FRAGMENT

:  a part broken off, detached, or incomplete

Origin of FRAGMENT

Middle English, from Latin fragmentum, from frangere to break — more at break
First Known Use: 15th century

Synonym Discussion of FRAGMENT

part, portion, piece, member, division, section, segment, fragment mean something less than the whole. part is a general term appropriate when indefiniteness is required <they ran only part of the way>. portion implies an assigned or allotted part <cut the pie into six portions>. piece applies to a separate or detached part of a whole <a puzzle with 500 pieces>. member suggests one of the functional units composing a body <a structural member>. division applies to a large or diversified part <the manufacturing division of the company>. section applies to a relatively small or uniform part <the entertainment section of the newspaper>. segment applies to a part separated or marked out by or as if by natural lines of cleavage <the retired segment of the population>. fragment applies to a part produced by or as if by breaking off <only a fragment of the play still exists>.


verb frag·ment \-ˌment\

: to break or to cause (something) to break into parts or pieces

Full Definition of FRAGMENT

intransitive verb
:  to fall to pieces
transitive verb
:  to break up or apart into fragments

First Known Use of FRAGMENT

FRAGMENT Defined for Kids


noun frag·ment \ˈfrag-mənt\

Definition of FRAGMENT for Kids

:  a broken or incomplete part <a fragment of rock> <a fragment of music>

Word Root of FRAGMENT

The Latin word frangere, meaning to break, and its form fractus give us the roots frag and fract. Words from the Latin frangere have something to do with breaking. Something fragile is easily broken. A fraction is a portion broken off from a whole. To fracture something, such as a bone, is to break it. A fragment is a part that has been broken off from something larger or that is incomplete.
Medical Dictionary


noun frag·ment \ˈfrag-mənt\

Medical Definition of FRAGMENT

:  a part broken off or detached


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