adjective def·i·nite \ˈde-fə-nit, ˈdef-nət\

: said or done in a such way that others know exactly what you mean

: not likely to change : already set or decided

: confident or certain about doing something or that something will happen

Full Definition of DEFINITE

:  having distinct or certain limits <set definite standards for pupils to meet>
a :  free of all ambiguity, uncertainty, or obscurity <demanded a definite answer>
b :  unquestionable, decided <the quarterback was a definite hero today>
:  typically designating an identified or immediately identifiable person or thing <the definite article the>
a of floral organs :  being constant in number, usually less than 20, and occurring in multiples of the petal number <stamens definite>
b :  cymose <a definite inflorescence>
def·i·nite·ly adverb
def·i·nite·ness noun

Origin of DEFINITE

Latin definitus, past participle of definire
First Known Use: 1553

Synonym Discussion of DEFINITE

explicit, definite, express, specific mean perfectly clear in meaning. explicit implies such verbal plainness and distinctness that there is no need for inference and no room for difficulty in understanding <explicit instructions>. definite stresses precise, clear statement or arrangement that leaves no doubt or indecision <the law is definite in such cases>. express implies both explicitness and direct and positive utterance <her express wishes>. specific applies to what is precisely and fully treated in detail or particular <two specific criticisms>.
DEFINITE Defined for Kids


adjective def·i·nite \ˈde-fə-nət\

Definition of DEFINITE for Kids

:  having certain or distinct limits <a definite period of time>
:  clear in meaning <a definite answer>
:  unquestionable <Your grades show a definite improvement.>
def·i·nite·ly adverb
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