noun break·down \ˈbrāk-ˌdan\

: a failure of a machine to function : an occurrence in which a machine (such as a car) stops working

: the failure of a relationship or of an effort to discuss something

: a failure that prevents a system from working properly

Full Definition of BREAKDOWN

:  the action or result of breaking down: as
a :  a failure to function
b :  failure to progress or have effect :  disintegration <a breakdown of negotiations>
c :  a physical, mental, or nervous collapse
d :  the process of decomposing
e :  division into categories :  classification; also :  an account analyzed into categories
:  a fast shuffling dance; also :  music for such a dance

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Other Psychology Terms

fetish, hypochondria, intelligence, mania, narcissism, neurosis, pathological, psychosis, schadenfreude, subliminal

Rhymes with BREAKDOWN

back down, Baytown, bear down, blowdown, boil down, boomtown, break down, Bridgetown, bringdown, bring down, call down, Cape Town, cast down, Charlestown, clampdown, clamp down, climb down, closedown, comedown, come down, cooldown, countdown, count down, count noun, cow town, crackdown, crack down, crosstown, cry down, cut down, downtown, drawdown, draw down, dress down, drop-down, dumb down, embrown, facedown, fall down, first down, Freetown, Georgetown, George Town, get down, ghost town, godown, go down, half crown, hand down, hands-down, hoedown, hold down, hometown, hull down, Jamestown, keep down, knockdown, knock down, lay down, letdown, let down, lie down, live down, lockdown, look down, lowdown, markdown, mark down, mass noun, meltdown, melt down, midtown, new town, nightgown, North Down, nut-brown, pastedown, pat down, pay down, phase down, pipe down, play down, plunk down, pronoun, pull-down, pull down, pushdown, put-down, renown, rubdown, rundown, scale-down, set down, shakedown, shake down, shire town, shoot down, showdown, shutdown, shut down, sit-down, slap down, slowdown, Southdown, splashdown, splash down, stand-down, stare down, step-down, stop down, strike down, stripped-down, sundown, swansdown, take down, talk down, tank town, tea gown, tear down, throw down, thumbs-down, tie-down, top-down, touchdown, touch down, trade down, turndown, turn down, uncrown, uptown, Von Braun, wash down, wear down, weigh down, wet down, wind down, write-down, write down, Youngstown
BREAKDOWN Defined for Kids


noun break·down \ˈbrāk-ˌdan\

Definition of BREAKDOWN for Kids

:  a failure to function properly
:  a sudden failure of mental or physical health


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