noun turn·over \ˈtərn-ˌō-vər\

: the amount of money that is received in sales by a store or company

: the rate at which people leave a place, company, etc., and are replaced by others

: the rate at which the goods in a store are sold and replaced by other goods

Full Definition of TURNOVER

:  an act or result of turning over :  upset
:  a turning from one side, place, or direction to its opposite :  shift, reversal
:  a reorganization with a view to a shift in personnel :  shake-up
:  something that is turned over
:  a filled pastry made by folding half of the crust over the other half
:  the amount of business done; especially :  the volume of shares traded on a stock exchange
a :  movement (as of goods or people) into, through, and out of a place
b (1) :  a cycle of purchase, sale, and replacement of a stock of goods
(2) :  the ratio of sales for a stated period to average inventory (3) :  the amount received in sales for a stated period
c :  the number of persons hired within a period to replace those leaving or dropped from a workforce; also :  the ratio of this number to the number in the average force maintained
:  the continuous process of loss and replacement of a constituent (as a cell or tissue) of a living system
:  the act or an instance of a team's losing possession of a ball through error or a minor violation of the rules (as in basketball or football)

First Known Use of TURNOVER

14th century

Other Business Terms

amortize, caveat emptor, clearinghouse, divest, due diligence, emolument, green-collar, marque, overhead, perquisite



Definition of TURNOVER

:  capable of being turned over

First Known Use of TURNOVER

circa 1849
TURNOVER[1] Defined for Kids


noun turn·over \ˈtərn-ˌō-vər\

Definition of TURNOVER for Kids

:  a filled pastry with one half of the crust turned over the other
Medical Dictionary


noun turn·over \ˈtər-ˌnō-vər\

Medical Definition of TURNOVER

:  the continuous process of loss and replacement of a constituent (as a neurotransmitter, cell, or tissue) of a living system <protein turnover in various pathological states—J. C. Waterlow> <hyperthyroidism accelerates bone turnover and shortens the normal bone remodeling cycle—Richard Sadovsky>


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