noun \ˈtan\

: a place where people live that is larger than a village but smaller than a city

: the people in a town

the town : the government of a town

Full Definition of TOWN

dial English :  a cluster or aggregation of houses recognized as a distinct place with a place-name :  hamlet
a :  a compactly settled area as distinguished from surrounding rural territory
b :  a compactly settled area usually larger than a village but smaller than a city
c :  a large densely populated urban area :  city
d :  an English village having a periodic fair or market
:  a particular town or city under consideration <the circus came to town>
:  the city or urban life as contrasted with the country
a :  the inhabitants of a city or town <practically the whole town turned out for the parade>
b :  the townspeople of a college or university town as distinct from the academic community <relations between town and gown>
:  a New England territorial and political unit usually containing under a single town government both rural areas and urban areas not having their own charter of incorporation; also :  a New England community governed by a town meeting
:  a group of prairie dog burrows
town adjective
on the town
:  in usually carefree pursuit of entertainment or amusement (as city nightlife) especially as a relief from routine

Origin of TOWN

Middle English, from Old English tūn enclosure, village, town; akin to Old High German zūn enclosure, Old Irish dún fortress
First Known Use: before 12th century

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TOWN Defined for Kids


noun \ˈtan\

Definition of TOWN for Kids

:  a thickly settled area that is usually larger than a village but smaller than a city
:  the people of a town <The whole town came out to watch the parade.>
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