verb \ˈthril\

: to cause (someone) to feel very excited or happy

: to feel very excited or happy about something

Full Definition of THRILL

transitive verb
a :  to cause to experience a sudden sharp feeling of excitement <the news thrilled him>
b :  to cause to have a shivering or tingling sensation
:  to cause to vibrate or tremble perceptibly
intransitive verb
:  to move or pass so as to cause a sudden wave of emotion
:  to become thrilled:
a :  to experience a sudden sharp excitement
b :  tingle, throb
thrill noun
thrill·ing·ly \ˈthri-liŋ-lē\ adverb

Origin of THRILL

Middle English thirlen, thrillen to pierce, from Old English thyrlian, from thyrel hole, from thurh through — more at through
First Known Use: 1592
THRILL Defined for Kids


verb \ˈthril\

Definition of THRILL for Kids

:  to have or cause to have a sudden feeling of excitement or pleasure
thrill·er noun

Word History of THRILL

In the 1300s a person who was thrilled might not live long enough to tell about it, because the Middle English verb thrillen—the ancestor of our word thrill—meant literally to pierce or stab, as with a sword or spear. Thrillen was a variant of thirlen, which continued Old English thyrlian, derived from thyrel, hole. (The word thyrel also entered into Old English nosthyrl, literally, nose hole, the ancestor of modern English nostril.) Because the feeling of being pierced is a little like the experience of being moved by a strong emotion, thrill came to mean to cause someone to feel excited.



Definition of THRILL for Kids

:  a sudden strong feeling especially of excitement or happiness <the thrill of victory> <… Harry felt a sudden thrill of foreboding. — J. K. Rowling, Goblet of Fire>
:  something that produces a feeling of excitement <The boys went into town in search of thrills.>
Medical Dictionary


noun \ˈthril\

Medical Definition of THRILL

:  an abnormal fine tremor or vibration in the respiratory or circulatory systems felt on palpation <a continuous systolic and diastolic murmur, frequently associated with a thrill—R. L. Cecil & R. F. Loeb>


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