transitive verb suf·fuse \sə-ˈfyüz\

: to spread over or fill (something)


Full Definition of SUFFUSE

:  to spread over or through in the manner of fluid or light :  flush, fill <the northern horizon was suffused with a deep red glow — P. M. Leschak>
suf·fu·sion \-ˈfyü-zhən\ noun
suf·fu·sive \-ˈfyü-siv, -ziv\ adjective

Origin of SUFFUSE

Latin suffusus, past participle of suffundere, literally, to pour beneath, from sub- + fundere to pour — more at found
First Known Use: 1590

Synonym Discussion of SUFFUSE

infuse, suffuse, imbue, ingrain, inoculate, leaven mean to introduce one thing into another so as to affect it throughout. infuse implies a pouring in of something that gives new life or significance <new members infused enthusiasm into the club>. suffuse implies a spreading through of something that gives an unusual color or quality <a room suffused with light>. imbue implies the introduction of a quality that fills and permeates the whole being <imbue students with intellectual curiosity>. ingrain , used only in the passive or past participle, suggests the deep implanting of a quality or trait <clung to ingrained habits>. inoculate implies an imbuing or implanting with a germinal idea and often suggests stealth or subtlety <an electorate inoculated with dangerous ideas>. leaven implies introducing something that enlivens, tempers, or markedly alters the total quality <a serious play leavened with comic moments>.
Medical Dictionary


transitive verb suf·fuse \sə-ˈfyüz\

Medical Definition of SUFFUSE

:  to flush or spread over or through in the manner of a fluid and especially blood


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