noun suc·ces·sion \sək-ˈse-shən\

: the act of getting a title or right after the person who had that title or right before you has died or is no longer able or allowed to have it; also : the process by which this happens

: a series of people or things that come one after the other

Full Definition of SUCCESSION

a :  the order in which or the conditions under which one person after another succeeds to a property, dignity, title, or throne
b :  the right of a person or line to succeed
c :  the line having such a right
a :  the act or process of following in order :  sequence
b (1) :  the act or process of one person's taking the place of another in the enjoyment of or liability for rights or duties or both
(2) :  the act or process of a person's becoming beneficially entitled to a property or property interest of a deceased person
c :  the continuance of corporate personality
d :  unidirectional change in the composition of an ecosystem as the available competing organisms and especially the plants respond to and modify the environment
a :  a number of persons or things that follow each other in sequence
b :  a group, type, or series that succeeds or displaces another
suc·ces·sion·al \-ˈsesh-nəl, -ˈse-shə-nəl\ adjective
suc·ces·sion·al·ly adverb


Middle English, from Anglo-French or Latin; Anglo-French, from Latin succession-, successio, from succedere
First Known Use: 14th century

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SUCCESSION Defined for Kids


noun suc·ces·sion \sək-ˈse-shən\

Definition of SUCCESSION for Kids

:  a series of people or things that follow one after another <A succession of police cars raced past.>
:  the order, act, or right of succeeding to a throne, title, or property
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