noun side·track \ˈsīd-ˌtrak\

Definition of SIDETRACK

:  siding 2
:  a position or condition of secondary importance to which one may be diverted

First Known Use of SIDETRACK


Rhymes with SIDETRACK

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transitive verb

: to cause (someone) to talk about or do something different and less important

: to change the direction or use of (something)

: to prevent (something) from being dealt with

Full Definition of SIDETRACK

:  to shunt aside (as to a railroad siding)
a :  to turn aside from a purpose :  deflect
b :  to prevent action on by diversionary tactics <sidetrack an issue>

First Known Use of SIDETRACK

SIDETRACK Defined for Kids


verb side·track \ˈsīd-ˌtrak\

Definition of SIDETRACK for Kids

:  to turn aside from a main purpose or direction <Nick could launch a question guaranteed to sidetrack the teacher long enough to … wipe out the homework assignment. — Andrew Clements, Frindle>


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