adjective \ˈkwānt\

: having an old-fashioned or unusual quality or appearance that is usually attractive or appealing

Full Definition of QUAINT

obsolete :  expert, skilled
a :  marked by skillful design <quaint with many a device in India ink — Herman Melville>
b :  marked by beauty or elegance
a :  unusual or different in character or appearance :  odd
b :  pleasingly or strikingly old-fashioned or unfamiliar <a quaint phrase>
quaint·ly adverb
quaint·ness noun

Examples of QUAINT

  1. A lot can change in 25 years, and Yountville has gone from an also-ran on the Napa food-and-wine tourism scene to the focus of activity. The quaint bed and breakfasts of yesterday have been replaced by upscale hotels and inns, and the village has become a mecca for top chefs. —Tim Fish, Wine Spectator, 15 June 2008

Origin of QUAINT

Middle English queinte, cointe, from Anglo-French, clever, expert, from Latin cognitus, past participle of cognoscere to know — more at cognition
First Known Use: 13th century

Synonym Discussion of QUAINT

strange, singular, unique, peculiar, eccentric, erratic, odd, quaint, outlandish mean departing from what is ordinary, usual, or to be expected. strange stresses unfamiliarity and may apply to the foreign, the unnatural, the unaccountable <a journey filled with strange sights>. singular suggests individuality or puzzling strangeness <a singular feeling of impending disaster>. unique implies singularity and the fact of being without a known parallel <a career unique in the annals of science>. peculiar implies a marked distinctiveness <the peculiar status of America's first lady>. eccentric suggests a wide divergence from the usual or normal especially in behavior <the eccentric eating habits of preschoolers>. erratic stresses a capricious and unpredictable wandering or deviating <a friend's suddenly erratic behavior>. odd applies to a departure from the regular or expected <an odd sense of humor>. quaint suggests an old-fashioned but pleasant oddness <a quaint fishing village>. outlandish applies to what is uncouth, bizarre, or barbaric <outlandish fashions of the time>.

Rhymes with QUAINT

QUAINT Defined for Kids


adjective \ˈkwānt\

Definition of QUAINT for Kids

:  pleasingly old-fashioned or unfamiliar <quaint customs>
quaint·ly adverb
quaint·ness noun


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