adjective ob·du·rate \ˈäb-də-rət, -dyə-; äb-ˈdr-ət, əb-, -ˈdyr-\

: refusing to do what other people want : not willing to change your opinion or the way you do something

Full Definition of OBDURATE

a :  stubbornly persistent in wrongdoing
b :  hardened in feelings
:  resistant to persuasion or softening influences
ob·du·rate·ly adverb
ob·du·rate·ness noun

Origin of OBDURATE

Middle English, from Latin obduratus, past participle of obdurare to harden, from ob- against + durus hard — more at during
First Known Use: 15th century

Synonym Discussion of OBDURATE

inflexible, obdurate, adamant mean unwilling to alter a predetermined course or purpose. inflexible implies rigid adherence or even slavish conformity to principle <inflexible in their demands>. obdurate stresses hardness of heart and insensitivity to appeals for mercy or the influence of divine grace <obdurate in his refusal to grant clemency>. adamant implies utter immovability in the face of all temptation or entreaty <adamant that the work should continue>.

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