noun, mon·ey often attributive \ˈmə-nē\

: something (such as coins or bills) used as a way to pay for goods and services and to pay people for their work

: a person's wealth : the money that a person has

monies : amounts of money

plural moneys or mon·ies \ˈmə-nēz\

Full Definition of MONEY

:  something generally accepted as a medium of exchange, a measure of value, or a means of payment: as
a :  officially coined or stamped metal currency
b :  money of account
c :  paper money
a :  wealth reckoned in terms of money
b :  an amount of money
c plural :  sums of money :  funds
:  a form or denomination of coin or paper money
a :  the first, second, and third place winners (as in a horse or dog race) —usually used in the phrases in the money or out of the money
b :  prize money <his horse took third money>
a :  persons or interests possessing or controlling great wealth
b :  a position of wealth <born into money>
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Origin of MONEY

Middle English moneye, from Anglo-French moneie, from Latin moneta mint, money — more at mint
First Known Use: 14th century

Other Monetary Terms

clad, legend, numismatic, obverse, reverse, scrip, series, specie

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Definition of MONEY

:  involving or reliable in a crucial situation <a money player> <a money pitch>

First Known Use of MONEY

circa 1934

Rhymes with MONEY

MONEY Defined for Kids


noun mon·ey \ˈmə-nē\
plural moneys or mon·ies \-ēz\

Definition of MONEY for Kids

:  something (such as coins or bills) used to buy goods and services and to pay people for their work
:  a person's wealth
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