noun lob·by \ˈlä-bē\

: a large open area inside and near the entrance of a public building (such as a hotel or theater)

: an organized group of people who work together to influence government decisions that relate to a particular industry, issue, etc.

plural lobbies

Full Definition of LOBBY

:  a corridor or hall connected with a larger room or series of rooms and used as a passageway or waiting room: as
a :  an anteroom of a legislative chamber; especially :  one of two anterooms of a British parliamentary chamber to which members go to vote during a division
b :  a large hall serving as a foyer (as of a hotel or theater)
:  a group of persons engaged in lobbying especially as representatives of a particular interest group

Origin of LOBBY

Medieval Latin lobium gallery, of Germanic origin; akin to Old High German louba porch
First Known Use: 1593

Other Architecture Terms

buttress, casita, cornice, fanlight, garret, lintel, parapet, pilaster, plinth



: to try to influence government officials to make decisions for or against something

: to try to get something you want by talking to the people who make decisions


Full Definition of LOBBY

intransitive verb
:  to conduct activities aimed at influencing public officials and especially members of a legislative body on legislation
transitive verb
:  to promote (as a project) or secure the passage of (as legislation) by influencing public officials
:  to attempt to influence or sway (as a public official) toward a desired action
lob·by·er noun
lob·by·ism \-ˌi-zəm\ noun
lob·by·ist \-ist\ noun

First Known Use of LOBBY


Rhymes with LOBBY

LOBBY Defined for Kids


noun lob·by \ˈlä-bē\
plural lobbies

Definition of LOBBY for Kids

:  a hall or entry especially when large enough to serve as a waiting room <a hotel lobby>


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