adjective in·te·gral \ˈin-ti-grəl (usually so in mathematics); in-ˈte-grəl also -ˈtē- also ÷ˈin-trə-gəl\

: very important and necessary

Full Definition of INTEGRAL

a :  essential to completeness :  constituent <an integral part of the curriculum>
b (1) :  being, containing, or relating to one or more mathematical integers
(2) :  relating to or concerned with mathematical integration or the results of mathematical integration
c :  formed as a unit with another part <a seat with integral headrest>
:  composed of constituent parts
:  lacking nothing essential :  entire
in·te·gral·i·ty \ˌin-tə-ˈgra-lə-tē\ noun
in·te·gral·ly \ˈin-ti-grə-lē; in-ˈte-grə- also -ˈtē-\ adverb

Examples of INTEGRAL

  1. I do know that shoot-'em-ups (and saw-'em-ups) are likely to remain part of our lives, and that suggests a depressing idea: Maybe the love of violence is an integral part of human nature… —Stephen King, Entertainment Weekly, 12 Oct. 2007

Origin of INTEGRAL

(see integer)
First Known Use: 1551


noun in·te·gral \ˈin-ti-grəl (usually so in mathematics); in-ˈte-grəl also -ˈtē- also ÷ˈin-trə-gəl\

Definition of INTEGRAL

:  the result of a mathematical integration — compare definite integral, indefinite integral

Examples of INTEGRAL

  1. The main tools used in the study of these functions are those we have already discussed: representation as integrals, power-series expansions, and differential equations. —Robert S. Strichartz, The Way of Analysis, 2000

Origin of INTEGRAL

(see integer)
First Known Use: circa 1741

Other Mathematics and Statistics Terms

abscissa, denominator, divisor, equilateral, exponent, hypotenuse, logarithm, oblique, radii, rhomb
INTEGRAL Defined for Kids


adjective in·te·gral \ˈin-ti-grəl\

Definition of INTEGRAL for Kids

:  very important and necessary :  needed to make something complete <an integral part>
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