adjective hu·mor·ous \ˈhyüm-rəs, ˈyüm-, ˈhyü-mə-, ˈyü-\

: causing laughter

Full Definition of HUMOROUS

obsolete :  humid
a :  full of or characterized by humor :  funny
b :  indicating or expressive of a sense of humor
hu·mor·ous·ly adverb
hu·mor·ous·ness noun

First Known Use of HUMOROUS

15th century

Synonym Discussion of HUMOROUS

witty, humorous, facetious, jocular, jocose mean provoking or intended to provoke laughter. witty suggests cleverness and quickness of mind <a witty remark>. humorous applies broadly to anything that evokes usually genial laughter and may contrast with witty in suggesting whimsicality or eccentricity <humorous anecdotes>. facetious stresses a desire to produce laughter and may be derogatory in implying dubious or ill-timed attempts at wit or humor <facetious comments>. jocular implies a usually habitual fondness for jesting and joking <a jocular fellow>. jocose is somewhat less derogatory than facetious in suggesting habitual waggishness or playfulness <jocose proposals>.

Rhymes with HUMOROUS

HUMOROUS Defined for Kids


adjective hu·mor·ous \ˈhyü-mə-rəs, ˈyü-\

Definition of HUMOROUS for Kids

:  full of humor :  funny
hu·mor·ous·ly adverb


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