verb flat·ten \ˈfla-tən\

: to make (something) flat or flatter

: to become flat or flatter

: to knock down (something or someone)

flat·tenedflat·ten·ing \ˈflat-niŋ, ˈfla-tə-\

Full Definition of FLATTEN

transitive verb
:  to make flat: as
a :  to make level or smooth
b :  to knock down; also :  to defeat decisively
c :  to make dull or uninspired —often used with out
d :  to make (as paint) lusterless
e :  to stabilize especially at a lower level
intransitive verb
:  to become flat or flatter: as
a :  to become dull or spiritless
b :  to extend in or into a flat position or form
c :  to become uniform or stabilized often at a new lower level —usually used with out
flat·ten·er \-nər\ noun

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FLATTEN Defined for Kids


verb flat·ten \ˈfla-tən\

Definition of FLATTEN for Kids

:  to make or become flat <She flattened herself against the wall.>


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