verb en·gross \in-ˈgrōs, en-\

: to hold the complete interest or attention of (someone)

Full Definition of ENGROSS

transitive verb
a :  to copy or write in a large hand
b :  to prepare the usually final handwritten or printed text of (an official document)
[Middle English, from Anglo-French engrosser, from en gros wholesale, in quantity]
a :  to purchase large quantities of (as for speculation)
b archaic :  amass, collect
c :  to take or engage the whole attention of :  occupy completely <ideas that have engrossed the minds of scholars for generations>
en·gross·er noun

Origin of ENGROSS

Middle English, from Anglo-French engrosser to put (a legal document) in final form, from Medieval Latin ingrossare, from in grossam (put) into final form, literally, (written) in large (letter)
First Known Use: 15th century
ENGROSS Defined for Kids


verb en·gross \in-ˈgrōs\

Definition of ENGROSS for Kids

:  to take the attention of completely <He was engrossed in a book.>


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