verb \ē-ˈmit\

: to send (light, energy, etc.) out from a source

: to make (a certain sound)


Full Definition of EMIT

transitive verb
a :  to throw or give off or out (as light or heat)
b :  to send out :  eject
a :  to issue with authority; especially :  to put (as money) into circulation
b obsolete :  publish
:  to give utterance or voice to <emitted a groan>
emit·ter noun

Origin of EMIT

Latin emittere to send out, from e- + mittere to send
First Known Use: 1598
EMIT Defined for Kids


verb \ē-ˈmit\

Definition of EMIT for Kids

:  to send out from a source <emit light>

Word Root of EMIT

The Latin word mittere, meaning to send, and its form missus give us the roots mit and miss. Words from the Latin mittere have something to do with sending. A missile is an object, such as a bullet, arrow, or rocket, that is sent through the air so as to hit a target. To emit is to send forth or give out. To omit, or leave out, is to send away so as to not be included. To permit, or allow, is to send something through without stopping it.


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