adjective de·tailed \di-ˈtāld, ˈdē-ˌtāld\

: including many details : including a lot information

Full Definition of DETAILED

:  marked by abundant detail or by thoroughness in treating small items or parts <the detailed study of history>
de·tailed·ly \di-ˈtāld-lē, -ˈtā-ləd-, ˈdē-ˌ\ adverb
de·tailed·ness \di-ˈtā-ləd-nəs, -ˈtāld-, ˈdē-ˌ\ noun

First Known Use of DETAILED


Synonym Discussion of DETAILED

circumstantial, minute, particular, detailed mean dealing with a matter fully and usually point by point. circumstantial implies fullness of detail that fixes something described in time and space <a circumstantial account of our visit>. minute implies close and searching attention to the smallest details <a minute examination of a fossil>. particular implies a precise attention to every detail <a particular description of the scene of the crime>. detailed stresses abundance or completeness of detail <a detailed analysis of the event>.
DETAILEDLY Defined for Kids


adjective de·tailed \di-ˈtāld, ˈdē-ˌtāld\

Definition of DETAILED for Kids

:  including many small items or parts <a detailed report>


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