verb ad·mire \əd-ˈmī(-ə)r\

: to feel respect or approval for (someone or something)

: to look at (something or someone) with enjoyment


Full Definition of ADMIRE

transitive verb
:  to regard with admiration
archaic :  to marvel at
intransitive verb
dial :  to like very much <I would admire to know why not — A. H. Lewis>
ad·mir·er noun
ad·mir·ing·ly \-ˈmī-riŋ-lē\ adverb

Origin of ADMIRE

Middle French admirer, to marvel at, from Latin admirari, from ad- + mirari to wonder, from mirus astonishing
First Known Use: 1566

Synonym Discussion of ADMIRE

regard, respect, esteem, admire mean to recognize the worth of a person or thing. regard is a general term that is usually qualified <he is highly regarded in the profession>. respect implies a considered evaluation or estimation <after many years they came to respect her views>. esteem implies greater warmth of feeling accompanying a high valuation <no citizen of the town was more highly esteemed>. admire suggests usually enthusiastic appreciation and often deep affection <a friend that I truly admire>.
ADMIRE Defined for Kids


verb ad·mire \əd-ˈmīr\

Definition of ADMIRE for Kids

:  to think very highly of :  feel admiration for
ad·mir·er noun


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