verb ac·cept \ik-ˈsept, ak- also ek-\

: to receive or take (something offered)

: to take (something) as payment

: to be able or designed to take or hold (something)

Full Definition of ACCEPT

transitive verb
a :  to receive willingly <accept a gift>
b :  to be able or designed to take or hold (something applied or added) <a surface that will not accept ink>
:  to give admittance or approval to <accept her as one of the group>
a :  to endure without protest or reaction <accept poor living conditions>
b :  to regard as proper, normal, or inevitable <the idea is widely accepted>
c :  to recognize as true :  believe <refused to accept the explanation>
a :  to make a favorable response to <accept an offer>
b :  to agree to undertake (a responsibility) <accept a job>
:  to assume an obligation to pay; also :  to take in payment <we don't accept personal checks>
:  to receive (a legislative report) officially
intransitive verb
:  to receive favorably something offered —usually used with of <a heart more disposed to accept of his — Jane Austen>
ac·cept·ing·ly \-ˈsep-tiŋ-lē\ adverb
ac·cept·ing·ness \-tiŋ-nəs\ noun

Examples of ACCEPT

  1. When Bess was born, my mother had a hard time accepting many of our parenting choices. —Kelly Coyle DiNorcia, Mothering, March & April 2008

Origin of ACCEPT

Middle English, from Anglo-French accepter, from Latin acceptare, frequentative of accipere to receive, from ad- + capere to take — more at heave
First Known Use: 14th century
ACCEPT Defined for Kids


verb ac·cept \ik-ˈsept, ak-\

Definition of ACCEPT for Kids

:  to receive or take willingly <accept a gift> <accept as a member>
:  to agree to <He accepted my invitation.>
:  to stop resisting <accept change>
:  to admit deserving <accept blame> <accept responsibility>

Word Root of ACCEPT

The Latin word capere, meaning to seize or to take, and its form captus give us the roots cap, capt, and cept. Words from the Latin capere have something to do with taking. To capture is to take something or someone by using force. To accept is to take something willingly. Anyone capable of doing something is able to take on that task.


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